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What we do for you

What we do for you

  • We Assist Families with the Complexities of Wealth

    Wealth can create opportunities for successful families to leave an impact to the people and causes they care about.
    In the last five years, wealthy families realize the way they think about problems has changed. They realize their wealth is under attack in new ways. By reflecting on the character that helped these families get to where they are, families often conclude that their values are under attack, and also conclude that their family fabric is under attack. The stability they have worked so hard for is at risk because of rising healthcare costs and taxation, and while many have learned how to thrive in volatile and challenging circumstances, most have discovered it is worthwhile to have a clear blueprint to likely and positive outcomes. Sophisticated wealth holders rely on Legacy Advisor Group data, wealth monitoring and legacy design to identify, achieve, and report on positive outcomes while providing unique insights. Legacy Advisor Group is a boutique tax and consulting firm to help families sustain wealth and values, while offering protection from uncertainty. The Legacy Advisor Group is the only lifestyle consulting organization to affluent families that offers peace of mind through holistic consulting to consistently, predictably, and reliably provide inter generational protection against instability, predatory taxation, and deconstructionist social changes.
    At the Legacy Advisor Group, we recognize that complex problems face private clients, legal advisors, wealth managers and charitable organizations. Oftentimes little or no collaboration is cultivated between these problem facers to think differently about practical solutions, and that is why a values-based outcome approach defines everything we do for a client.
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Tax Season As a Reminder for Asset Review

As tax season winds down, many savvy taxpayers use this timing to check the titling of their accounts because all the paperwork has been compiled. Now is one the best times of the year to ensure that assets are properly designated into trust, to avoid the costly mistake of Probate Court. While trustees can Purchase Probate and Trust Assets, this is not a legitimate method of Probate Avoidance. To purchase assets from the Primary Beneficiary’s probate estate, or any trust created by the Primary Beneficiary at their fair market value as of the date of purchase and to lend money to the Primary Beneficiary’s probate estate, or any trust created by the Primary Beneficiary with adequate interest and with adequate security still gives creditors first shot if there are Probate proceedings. Titling experts notice, “More often than should be the case, families go through the effort to create a Family Trust, but then for whatever reason, assets end up outside the Trust.” Perhaps the worst case he has seen to date was a family that attempted to do the titling work themselves through a quit claim deed: a mistake that costed the children tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary capital gains taxes. What to do: contact the Legacy Advisor Group for a free review, or check your assets to ensure they are either payable to the Trust or inside the Trust.

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Would you want your loved ones to face unnecessary expenses, delays and estate taxes after your passing?

You don’t need a huge estate to get huge benefits from estate planning!

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  • We coordinate your team of attorneys, financial planners, accountants, and insurance experts to help you get your estate plan in order and eliminate unnecessary delays, expenses and all estate taxes.
  • We practice only estate planning.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction, or we don’t get paid.

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