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How Predators Take your Money

Top 3 AVOIDABLE ways people take your money when you die

1. Financial professionals leave their fees open ended and do not have a not-to-exceed fee.

a. How to avoid this: Only work with a lawyer that gives you a not-to-exceed fee in writing at your first meeting.

2. They make money when you die because of probate court laws. You are not around so you cannot argue with them about fees.

a. How to avoid this: Get an estate plan that moves your assets into a trust.

3. Capital Gains Taxes – if you have a home that appreciated at all since you bought it, when your kids sell it after you die they will have to pay at least 18% in capital gains tax on the appreciation that occurred. If you bought your home for $250,000 and your kids can sell it for $350,000, they will have to pay 18% of $100,000, which is $18,000.

a. How to avoid this: Get an estate planning attorney at Legacy Advisor Group to transfer your home into your trust and the home will get a new stepped-up capital gains tax basis.

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