Do you need a Health Care Power of Attorney for you and your spouse, (that's 2 forms), and a HIPAA form for you and your spouse (that's 2 forms)?


THE HEALTHCARE POWERPACK  Doctors are required by law to honor the new HIPAA form, and disclose your medical information to the person you specify.  Without these forms, your family could be precluded from making medical decisions for you if you can't.  The fictional family in the video has been affected by inadequate planning.  They just found out that it would have been much better to spend a few hundred dollars on their mother's documents before she got into this mess.  Remember, the forms say that if you are incapacitated the doctors (1) are required to tell the named agent everything that is going on, and (2) that the health care agent named is the one who calls the shots and has control.  Don't be a victim of inadequate planning.  Get your documents professionally prepared today with the Legacy Advisor Group's Featured Attorney Rodney H. Piercey.