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As a business owner, you feel responsible to protect the assets in which you have invested your life, and the employees who have helped you build your business.  Studies show that many business fail after the death of the owner due to the delays of probate, estate taxes, and inadequate capitalization for the business.

Without business succession planning, when the owner of the business passes away, the business usually must either be sold to a third party on an emergency basis and a discounted price, or sold to the employees with seller financing.  When sold to the employees with seller financing, the family of the owner continues to bear the risk of the failure of the business.  With proper business succession planning, the business can avoid both the burden of debt on the business and the risk of business failure for your loved ones.

Estate planning for the owner of a business can avoid all estate taxes, capital gains taxes, and the delays associated with selling the business through probate.




Why Choose Legacy?

  • We coordinate your team of attorneys, financial planners, accountants, and insurance experts to help you get your estate plan in order and eliminate unnecessary delays, expenses and all estate taxes.
  • We practice only estate planning.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction, or we don’t get paid.

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